Not your ordinary singapore escort

So Sofie

5 Reasons Why Im Not Your Ordinary Singapore Escort​

Because you are paying for it, then you need to be choosy you dont want your money to be wasted right? Many of us men or women often see physical appearance first and then later on regret and since this is not a dating service and theres money involved you may need to make sure that you will be satisfied with every cents that you give. That is why aside from my photos :) i have this 5 reasons why im no ordinary singapore escort. Take time to read and i am sure this will help you decide.


Some prefer mature and hot moms as they think that younger women with lesser experience sucks when having sex. I'm very adventurous in bed and always want to experiment and try new things. My advantage of being young is that i have tight and smooth skin, perfect handfuls of ass and breast. Im just 22 years old, I maybe young but i am not a dumb bimbo and i am sure that i can rock your world.


I am fairly new to this profession, i started after i graduated in college.


I'm tight and you'll love it
It really feels great when you are having sex with a tight yet soft and squishy pussy.  You can feel the warmth inside, you can feel the vagina wall and the juice flowing in. I like the feeling of being fucked slowly, You will definitely be blown away on how awesome it is to fuck someone who is tight and i really love you doing it slowly so you can feel both of our organs rubbing each other. Some men does'nt like tight pussy because they doesnt feel comfortable with it and sometimes pleasure turns to pain this is obviously can be overcome by applying lubricant so make sure when you have sex to use lubes otherwise it will be painful for the both of you escpecially if you have a huge cock.


Well, i always have my hygiene kit with me. I can't live without my toothbrush. I have regular check ups and i can show you my latest medical records if you request for it.


Willing to fulfill your fantasies.
Like i said i am adventurous in bed and you'll never get bored. I always want to try new things as long as its not that hard to do i am willing to do it just to please you.


So there you go my top 5 reasons, are you still having 2nd thought? Go ahead to my about me section for more information and photos.